A reboot of The New York Salon in Nashville, TN. A monthly salon-style discussion group with artists of multiple disciplines discussing art in the context of the individual artists as well as in the greater conversation.

The AWAY Retreat is a concept developed with Amber Turner for a weekend women's retreat focused on simple pleasures. A weekend retreat for 10 women with entirely from-scratch menu, custom activities (including kayaking, BINGO, and yoga), and a focus on connection and relaxation.

5xFREAM: October 2015
5xFream is a event concept developed with celebrity fashion photographer Sebastian Smith. 8 artists were given 5 minutes to talk about something that is important to them. 5xFream was a highly attended event that resulted in an unusual number of creative cross-collaborations.

MANUSCRIPT: November 2015
The full-length 3-person play MANUSCRIPT by Paul Grellong presented in tandem with installation by artist Leah Sawyer at Gallery Lupercal in East Nashville. A dynamic play in an intimate gallery setting toying with the concept of theatre as a gallery art form.

N&XT LABS: 2015
A monthly workshop focused on fostering new work from artists of all disciplines.