The Open Box Project is a fleet of mobile art spaces bringing new work for new audiences.

YOUR TV IS WATCHING: Modular Art Pods: June 2016
In June of 2016, N&XT was honored to bring YOUR TV IS WATCHING to Tony Youngblood's (Theatre Intangible) 2nd installment of the Modular Art Pods (MAPs) at OZ Arts in Nashville, TN. The MAPs are an open-source collaborative art tunnel created by Tony Youngblood with contributions by Sarah McDonald, Liz Clayton-Scofield, Erica Ciccarone, Adrienne Outlaw, Janet Yanez, Megan Kelly, Joe Clemons, Veronica Kavass, and Kyle Baker. The first MAPs took place at abrasiveMedia in Nashville, Tennessee during the February 2015 Arts & Music @ Wedgewood/Houston event.

YOUR TV IS WATCHING is an interactive installation where the audience is the performer and the performer is the audience. Exploring a literal interpretation of the aggregation of our data by technology in hopes of instigating conversations about the consequences of that exchange in a fun, interactive environment. The installation itself is a 6ft x 10ft vintage inspired television with a live audience of 10-15 performers reacting to the viewing audience as they would were they watching a film. With a mid-century movie soundtrack, commercials, and announcements, the carefully curated aesthetic brings the audience back to the early days of TV with a sense of wonder and surprise while instigating a conversation about how our technology can now see and hear our every move.

MANUSCRIPT: November 2015
The full-length 3-person play MANUSCRIPT by Paul Grellong presented in tandem with installation by artist Leah Sawyer at Gallery Lupercal in East Nashville. A dynamic play in an intimate gallery setting toying with the concept of theatre as a gallery art form.