I am fascinated by the dichotomy of secrets.
The relief of revealing them.
The relief of keeping them.
The way technology allows us to broadcast them.

I, Lindsay Goranson, in collaboration with N&XT
want to hold your secrets.

N&XT and Lindsay Goranson are developing a performance art piece to share the beauty and burden of your secrets. But first there must be secrets to trade. We have created an anonymous form that will allow you to share those secrets that you hold. They can be little. They can be big. They can be trivial or grand. But they must be yours to give freely and openly with the understanding that they will be shared, anonymously, as part of a performance piece in the near future.

Thank you for visiting #TellMeNashville. I look forward to what's N&XT!

Always in the Arts,
Lindsay Goranson
Founder, N&XT