The Open Box Project is a mobile art project bringing new, experimental, and developing work to audiences via box truck.

The mobility of The Open Box Project brings new art and art forms to audiences regardless of their community's ability to host art. Giving artists, performers, and neighborhoods an opportunity to participate in and be exposed to contemporary work.



Artist of any stripe are welcome to partner with The Open Box Project. Participants can be anything from established production companies to singular performance artists to art installations. Participants are financially responsible for the cost of the production they wish to present while working together with other presentors in the caravan to create a new work spectacle that draws audiences and gives everyone a platform to see, experience, and present new work.



Apply to become a contributor by submitting a proposal of the work you would like to present. Once you're a part of the team you will have access to the details of the next exhibition, project mentorship, and being included in all publicity and advertising. Want to start The Open Box Project where you live? Email for details.