As part of N&XT's first full-scale production of MANUSCRIPT by Paul Grellong with tandem installation by artist Leah Sawyer we are inviting our Nashville audiences to write their own manuscript and share it with their city.

Before you stand two antique typewriters. A 1960s Sears Portable Electronic and an 1950s Royal. N&XT calls Nashville home because of the creative energy coursing through its streets. Right now you are in East Nashville because we wanted to share this edgy, thrilling play with the creative class of our city. So, typewriters, meet Nashville's Creative Class! I think you'll get along swell.

How do you contribute? Follow these easy steps:

1. Pick a typewriter.
2. Make sure it has a slip of paper in it.
3. Write as much or as little as you'd like. Don't you love the *CLACK* of a typewriter?
4. Rip off whatever remaining paper you may have.
5. Take the tape before you and tape it, facing out, anywhere on the front window for all the world to see!

Thank you for being a part of New & Experimental Theatre in Nashville, TN.